Fishing Wars

Fisherman in Liverpool are claiming to have the biggest catch and comparing with each other


Karl Norman, an amateur angler, captured a 31-pound catfish at Liverpool Newsham Park Lake. He shared the photo of the big catch on social media, which immediately got several responses from local fisherman and anglers claiming that their catch was bigger.

It is sort of a fishing war in Merseyside where everyone is posting their photos of big fishes they have caught. It’s exciting really to see how well they are all doing!

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Peter Smith posted a picture to the ECHO’s Facebook page proudly showing off his 30lb 1oz carp caught in a Runcorn canal.

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Calland, from Aigburth, got in touch with the ECHO to tell us he’d ‘never caught anything this big before’ after he caught a 20-pound common carp in Liverpool’s Stanley Park, Anfield.


Daniel said: “Fishing is under-rated. You can go anytime of year and it’s a great excuse to get out of the house and into the environment.

Author: Laura Tacey

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