Kansas Police found a massive carp in drainage ditch

A 60 pound fish found lying in the drain in Kansas!


Sure, anglers like to boast about their big catches all the time but this big fish was not caught by the lady in the picture. Although an avid angler herself, right now she is merely the policewoman who took it out from a drainage ditch. Jamie Schmidt, the animal control officer for Olathe Police Department, received a call saying that a four-foot-long dead carp has been found in a drainage ditch. When she heard about it, she thought it may be a joke. Turns out it was not a joke after all.

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Jamie Schmidt thinks that the giant fish may have ended up in the ditch after heavy rain flooded nearby Persimmon Lake. The massive carp likely swam into the ditch and was unable to leave before the water subsided, trapping it there.

Grass carp also have a reputation for being one of the more palatable carp species currently in North America. Their flesh is described as white, smooth, and tender with little sign of the fishy carp taste that many people dislike. Pound for pound, grass carp also provide a good portion of meat for their weight.

Unfortunately, this carp will not be feeding anybody soon. The Olathe Police Department confirmed that the fish was incinerated shortly after its retrieval.

Author: Daniel Xu

Link to the original article: Outdoorhub.com


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