Man Fishing From Paddle Board Is Shocked When He Catches Huge 7-Foot Fish

Amazing Huge 7ft Grouper caught on a Paddle Board

Amazing catch by Chancey, videoed by his friends. Brave a messing about with his mates, he didn’t realize his luck when he caught this 7ft Grouper! A bit of patience and showing of can get you somewhere these days. Well done to this guy, A brilliant catch!

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It all started when Chancey felt like going fishing off the East Coast of Florida from his paddle board. Softly moving through the calm ocean, Chancey got his friends together to watch him be silly in the waves.

So he cast out and waited. A few minutes later he suddenly felt a bite: a huge bite.

Almost instantly, Chancey knew he had something gigantic on the other end of his fishing rod. Pulling him down to his knees, and then eventually even into the water, Chancey had to do everything he could to ensure that this giant beast of the sea didn’t get away.

After what seemed like forever, Chancey finally managed to pull in a giant Goliath Grouper. The 7-foot long beast was measured and weighed in at 400 pounds before being re-released back into the ocean.

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