Strange and freaky…..prehistoric fish found in this era!


Longnose Gar found in Texas!

Andres Ruzo, National Geographic explorer and geoscientist made a freakish discovery when he found many Longnose Gar in Dallas, Texas. The Trinity River had been flooded and when the waters finally diminished, Andres found the poor fish stuck in the fences. This fish, also known as needle-nose Gar, is said to go back to prehistoric times, millions of years ago!

All the Gars found were actually trying to return to the main river after coming to the flooded area to find food. The Longnose Gar has a tongue as well. The Gar has remained in the same state for the past one hundred million years ago. It is of the same era as the T-Rex and other dinosaurs. This event shows that even in today’s modern world, these prehistoric animals are in the same state as they used to be millions of years ago.

Watch the prehistoric fish in this National Geographic video!

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