Strange Fish Species Found in 50 million Year old Ancient Volcanoes


Strange fish and ancient volcanoes discovered in Australia

A research team from Australia has discovered a cluster of 50 million years old volcanoes. While this is an important and amazing discovery for us, it also discovered a new hideous fish species that have scary teeth and jaws which are big relative to their size. A scale-less strange blackfish was found which has the size of a fingertip. It had fangs and a tail with a potential sting.

Another important species discovered was a “nightmare-inducing chauliodontidae” as named by the research team. It had a big and massive set of teeth and looked really scary.

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The discoveries were made by scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) aboard Australia’s new research vessel Investigator. CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency.

Marine biologist Iain Suthers of the University of New South Wales told CSIRO News that the team was amazed to discover an eddy off Sydney that was a hotspot for lobster larvae and other juvenile fish, including the new scale-less blackfish. The discovery was said to turn the previous understanding of juvenile commercial fish species on its head.


CSIRO News focused more of its attention on the discovery of four extinct volcanoes found 125 miles offshore east of Sydney under three miles of ocean. The cluster is 12 miles long and nearly four miles wide with the highest point reaching 2,300 feet off the ocean floor.

Author: David Strege

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