A Group of Fishermen Saved a Whale

The Poor Mammal was Entangled in a net and After the Rescue, It Thanked the Rescuers!

whale saves

A group of six fishermen in three boats, while sailing near Sao Paulo, Brazil, found a whale trapped in a net. When they saw the troubled animal, they decided to help it. After some struggle, they managed to break free the poor fish by cutting the net in which it was entangled badly. After the rescue, something very astonishing and extraordinary happened! The whale lingered around the boats for a while and started waving its fin. It appeared that the animal was saying a very special ‘thank you’ and showing its gratitude to the people who had rescued it from the trouble. The fishermen gave thumbs up with the whale thanking them in the background for an awesome photograph.

Click here and watch the amazing and outstanding thank you by the whale – www.fanbuzz.com

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