Fish Attacks Underwater!

Some of the Best Fish Attacks Under Water


Have you ever seen predator fish attacking other fish underwater? No? This video shows the attack of Pike Muskie on other fish. The video makers are luring the fish with tiny fishes and recording the multiple attacks of the predator fish as it attempts to grab these tiny fishes. The multiple attack patterns are simply stunning to behold! Sometimes the big fish tails the smaller fishes ‘traveling’ ahead of it and sometimes it goes beneath them to grab them with its mouth. At times, the predator approaches the prey stealthily and slowly before engulfing it. Since the baits are not ‘actual’ fish, the Pike Muskie just puts them in its mouth and then releases them. Watch this fascinating video in the link provided below!

Watch this amazing video and see the attack patterns of the Pike Muskie underwater!

Link to the video:

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