Big Game Fishing

These Guys Are Out to Get Some Big Fish


Captain Jim Ross, along with Captain Blair Wiggins, decided to go and catch some big fish in Cape Canaveral, Florida. They were looking specifically for species like Big Jack Crevalle, Big Bonito and Big Goliath Grouper. Captain Wiggins was the first to get a fish – the Jack Crevalle. They brought it over and then released it again into the sea. Soon afterwards, Captain Ross managed to catch a 30-pound Big Jack Crevalle! They released the fish again after showing it to the camera lens and the fish disappeared into the ocean below. After a while, Captain Wiggins managed to get a very big fish, which he informed could not be brought over, and so they unhooked it and set it free. During the last part of their day, Captain Wiggins managed to get a Bonito which was also released and it vanished into the sea. This video is truly entertaining and amazing.

Watch the complete video as the two captains get some big fishes!

Link to the original video:

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