Whale Video Shot by a Guy

This Awesome Video Shows an Entire School of Whales!


This guy named Brad Rich, decided to look for humpback whales in the sea somewhere near Seward, Alaska. While he is waiting in the boat, several seagulls can be seen flying nearby. They are flying smoothly and can be seen everywhere over the blue sea. Apparently, Brad Rich had seen these whales in the same region before and while he waits for them to show up; he conveys his thoughts to the viewers and his companion in the boat. He says that he had seen them and the whales keep showing up behind the seagulls. Then after some wait, all of a sudden an entire school of whales appear from nowhere! The seagulls get excited and the man gets scared and quickly navigates his boat away from the school.

Watch this fascinating video of whales!

Link to the video: www.youtube.com

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