A Teacher Engulfed Whole by a Shark

The Unfortunate Teacher was Fishing with Friends when he was ‘Swallowed Whole’


Sam Kellett, only 28 years old, was a high school teacher. He went fishing with his friends in South Australia, an inquest heard. He had originally planned to dive at a different spot 100km away from the place where the incident took place, but due to a catastrophic fire warning, he went to Goldsmith Beach with his friends. Mr. Kellett was freediving with his fellows when he was attacked by a great white shark. His friends could not see the attack but saw a large pool of red blood where poor Sam had been moments ago.

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In a statement, witness Aaron Whitaker said he heard one of the group yell.

It made me turn around back out to sea and as I turned around I saw the tail of a shark come out of the water and it was thrashing around.

I put my face under the water to see the shark but I could not see it.

All of a sudden a white pointer shark came out the murky water vertically towards the surface just behind me and almost launched itself out of the water.”

Witness Aaron Whitaker

Link to the original article: www.itv.com

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