Cleaning up Waters

Ghost fishing gear’ is being cleaned off near Orkney


Ghost fishing gear is a term that reflects such fishing equipment which has been abandoned or discarded into the sea. This dumped waste is garbage posing hazardous environmental effects. This waste does not only pollute the waters but is also extremely harmful to the marine life. A team of divers in Scapa Flow brought over items such as lobster posts, creels, lines and deep fat fryers in one week. This was the first practical project planned and executed by the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI).

‘Significant risk’

World Animal Protection, Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing formed the team of divers, marine researchers and campaigners.

Sea Change campaigner Christina Dixon said: “The lost and abandoned fishing gear is a significant risk and environmental hazard.

“We are pleased to be on board the vessel to work alongside Ghost Fishing and Healthy Seas on this essential project.”

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