Octopus Caught During Fishing

This guy was Fishing and Caught a giant Octopus


This fisherman, named Bryce was trying to get some fish as he cast a hook inside the water and sat patiently in his kayak. When something got entangled in the hook, he had no idea what it was. His partner, filming the video, announced that he has managed to land an octopus! The octopus was not some tiny creature but a really big and massive one. The video is shot with great clarity and the octopus can be seen struggling against the hook. The hook that it is swallowed was pretty big, so it was not going to survive and was eaten later, according the video maker. As Bryce and his partner spoke, Bryce informed him that he thought it was a snag but to his great surprise, it turned out to be a big, massive octopus.

Watch the video of this surprising catch!

Link to the video: www.youtube.com

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