John West Accused of Breaking Tuna Pledge

The Company is Accused of Continuing to use Destructive Methods to Catch Tuna Fish


John West, a United Kingdom based company has allegedly continued to use destructive methods to catch fish. According to the latest league table by Greenpeace for tuna fish sold by supermarkets and fishing companies, John West ranks last because around 98% of the tuna caught by the company is using ‘fish aggregation devices’ which kill other marine life including sharks and endangered turtles. The company had promised in the year 2011 to make 100% of the captured tuna sustainable by 2016 but the company has broken that promise now.

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 “We believe our commitments are best achieved by employing a number of practices and innovations all of which will work together to minimize bycatch, protect stock levels, preserve oceans, improve working conditions and ensure safe and legal practices throughout every aspect of our operations,” the company said in a statement.

But Ariana Densham, oceans campaigner at Greenpeace UK, accused the company of only catching a “pathetic” 2% of its tuna in a way that minimizes harm to other marine life.

It’s a great achievement that all major supermarkets in the UK now only use fully sustainable tuna in their own brand products, caught using the pole and line method or in nets without fish aggregation devices, which minimizes harm to other animals.

But John West continues to plumb the depths of irresponsibility – flooding our shelves with cheap tuna which comes at a huge cost: the indiscriminate killing of marine life. It’s also undermining the world-leading standard set by UK supermarkets.

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